Who Is Dr. Kathleen Ball?

Kathleen's Mission

Dr. Kathleen Ball is a researcher, traveler and explorer of ancient sites. 

The Brazilian Templar Mystery is the story of Dr. Kathleen Ball’s discovery of a cave hidden in a remote area on the outskirts of a small Brazilian town. A cave carved by the Knights Templar. 

Kathleen has done extensive research into the history of the Templars and backtracked their trail through Portugal, France, Scotland and England in a search for the true purpose of the order and what that means today. Her ongoing research trips will include; Malta, a return to Portugal the UK and France, Spain, Italy, Jerusalem and Ethiopia.

Why The Brazilian Templar Mystery?

This film features the world’s leading Templar experts, best-selling authors, researchers and even descendents of the Knights Templar:

  • Dr. Kathleen Ball
  • Freddy Silva
  • Joao Fiandeiro
  • Luis Salvi
  • Luiz Batista Ramos
  • Leonia Saraiva

A Hidden Cave Is Discovered!

In this film we will explore how this adventure began and the little known history of the Templars travels to Brazil.

  • What were their reasons for coming to South America two centuries before Columbus sailed to the new world?
  • We'll also investigate the Templar's Agenda. What goals did they have for medieval society?
  • And we’ll find out how Kathleen Ball’s expiration of a dungeon in France where many templars were imprisoned in early 14th center sheds light on on her life altering and history changing discovery.

Booking Dr. Kathleen BALL

The Brazilian Templar Mystery is now screening and Dr. Kathleen Ball is available for public speaking engagements. If you are interested in screening this film or booking Dr. Kathleen Ball for your event please contact us by clicking the button below.