From the awards ceremony, thank you Angelique Monét for recognizing our film in your annual awards ceremonies this year.

“Certainly based on my history and lineage. I’m proud of this film. Highlighting also the knowledge that the Indigenous peoples have is the key to help our world and fulfill the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.”

“This discovery certainly now known world wide is in “Divine Order.” We 🌹 🔺 👁 support this, I support this, and it is an honor to have Grand Masters themselves my brothers support this film.”
HRM Princess Angelique Monet Causes and UN initiatives.

“It was an honor for our UN approved organization to support this beautiful, well planned film. Certainly historical discoveries help create “world peace and tolerance. “ This also helps with Cultural Preservation.
Well done to the team ! It was an honor as well to have my dear brother His Highness (Grand Master) of the Templars in Monaco endorse and present along side Founder Her Royal Highness Princess Dame Angelique Monét (myself) this ground breaking discovery.”
World Peace & Tolerance Institute
New Generation In Action
HRH Princess Angelique Monet

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monet #worldpeaceprincess”

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  1. Thank you all on behalf of my amazing team, Next Anyextee, Neil Cabana, Isaac Ramana Carter, Freddy Silva, João Fiandeiro, Joao Ramos, Luiz Salvi, Adele Good, Alice our primary translator, our narrators, additional translator consultants, and photographer Trajano Paivo, Madalena Lélé Ferreira, Rui Ferreira all my friends and consultants in Brazil, Portugal, Scotland, Tina King, Leonia, Liomar, Jeffrey Sheldon, Anand Pushya, Shivani Laurie Sheldon,
    Kris Kinosis, Vivian Carola Hauck, Lia Bueno, Fernando “Tattoo”, our film and recording crew who made this film what it is.
    We’ll be making a sequel this summer.
    K A Ball Ph, D.

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