It's Time to Explore Restricted History

Investigate the Templars Agenda with the world’s leading Templar experts, best-selling authors, researchers and even descendants of the Knights Templars

Dr Kathleen Ball
Dr. Kathleen Ball

Templar researcher, world traveler and explorer of ancient sites

Freddy Silva still
Freddy Silva

Best-selling author, First Templar Nation: How the Knights Templar created Europe's first nation-state

Joao Fiandeiro
Joao Fiandeiro

Portuguese Templar Knight

Joao Luiz Bastista Ramos
Luiz Batista Ramos

Templar Researcher

Luis Salvi
Luis Salvi

Researcher and author, The Turn Of The Templars

Leonia Saraiva
Leonia Saraiva

Templar Descendent


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