Stairway To The Stars : A Global Human origins, Science & Technology Expo,
November 10,11& 12

Join us for an extraordinary journey of discovery at the “Stairway To the Stars” A Global Human origins, Science & Technology Expo, hosted by Disclosurefest & Fade to Black Foundation. From November 10 to 12, immerse yourself in a captivating exploration of Human origins, Science, and Technology at the luxurious Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Experience a diverse range of enlightening activities including Indigenous Teachings, thought-provoking discussions on Human origin topics, powerful Mass Meditations, revitalizing Yoga sessions, enriching Ceremonies, soothing Sound Healing, engaging Workshops, transformative Light Activations, captivating Art Installations, cutting-edge Science and Technology showcases, soul-stirring Music, and so much more.

Unlock the secrets of our past, embrace the marvels of the present, and envision the possibilities of the future. For further details and to stay informed, visit us at Join us on this incredible journey of exploration and enlightenment!

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