ARtwork by kathleen ball

Meet the Artists Kathleen Ball

Kathleen’s lifelong search and study of Ancient Civilizations, their spiritual belief systems, their art, and their similarities and messages for mankind today, has led her to ancient sites worldwide. Her Artwork embodies the essence and is the outer expression of her research and travels to Egypt, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Scotland, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Canada, Mexico, India and North America etc. as she studies the symbols left by the ancient peoples who proceeded us. 

As a former Art Professor, teaching anatomy and figurative sculpture, multimedia sculpture, bronze casting and mold making etc. for many years at Columbia College in Sonora, California, she utilizes her background in her current career of filming and documenting the ancient sites she frequents. As an Artist, she sees these sites from a unique perspective and continues to express the culmination of her research via sculptural form and paintings. She believes that the Artist has a tremendous responsibility to not only document the world around her, but also to bring into manifestation forms that will speak to the soul of her viewers. Kathleen’s art is consistent with these ethics.


All of the paintings are available in canvas prints and sculpture portraits are limited edition castings in ceramic, resin and bronze.

Rising From The Ashes

Primal Roots

Eternal Love

Isis Reborn

Goddess of the Spring

Isis Through The Ages

A Crow’s Life

Goddess of Summer

Sacred Warrior

Goddess of Winter Solstice

Leonardo in France

Wild Woman

Kathleen Ball, the Artist

Soul Encounter

Wild Filly

Fallen Angel 1

Fallen Angel 11

Fallen Angel 111