I recently returned with magnificent footage from Brazil while continuing to follow the trail of the Knights Templars. We’re currently in fund raising mode to secure funding for our next film, packed with secrets to be revealed about the contents of the cave, it’s esoteric significance within the body of the overall Templar story and …

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From the awards ceremony, thank you Angelique Monét for recognizing our film in your annual awards ceremonies this year. “Certainly based on my history and lineage. I’m proud of this film. Highlighting also the knowledge that the Indigenous peoples have is the key to help our world and fulfill the sustainable development goals of the …

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Update 1/12/21

As we approach the end of the first week of The Brazilian Templars Mystery on Gaia TV, I’ve been asked by many, “What’s next?”What is next, what’s first on my agenda is another return trip to Brazil to continue interviewing locals, the Kulunga who’ve invited me to join and interview them regarding their knowledge of …

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