Update 1/12/21

As we approach the end of the first week of The Brazilian Templars Mystery on Gaia TV, I’ve been asked by many, “What’s next?”
What is next, what’s first on my agenda is another return trip to Brazil to continue interviewing locals, the Kulunga who’ve invited me to join and interview them regarding their knowledge of the Templars, further exploration of the glyphs in the cave, and a preliminary archeological dig in the vicinity of the cave. It has also come to light that there are three additional caves in the area that my photographer, Isaac Romana Carter I intend to film and document.
After this I’ll be returning to Scotland, Portugal, France, Turkey and have planned additional trips to Malta, Sardinia, Jerusalem, Ethiopia and Armenia to further backtrack the Templars history.

In addition, I’m soon to complete my book, My Grail Quest, which lead me to a Templar Cave in Brazil. Which will be out sometime later this year. My book documents my spiritual and physical journey and the significant events and people who have guided me, which ultimately led up to my discovery of the Templar cave.

You can sign up at:http:// TemplarsInBrazil.com for ongoing updates, to book a speaking engagement and to refer friends to The Brazilian Templars Mystery documentary.
I thank you all for your support and interest.
Kathleen Ball Ph, D.

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